Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pinkie Pie

This was the first year in about 2 that I've been able to do a costume for Halloween. I started the plans for this last year after surgery, thinking I'd do something big then. That didn't work out last year, so this kept swimming in my head. When I'd finally sat down and started pulling fabric, I found I had everything. Hurray for no crazy frenzied fabric store runs!!!

Pinkie included a lot of things I haven't been able to do. I made bias tape myself I layered and pleated and finished seams. I made patterns from scratch. No joke! The blouse might be the only thing that came from a pattern. I know have my own custom jumper skirt pattern!!! :D

From the start, I knew I didn't want any black in this outfit. That was a challenge on it's own. This caused the dress to be dubbed The Pink Monster.

So much damn pink.... I've never worn so much pink in my life... ever....

The weekend before my birthday, I tore the whole dress apart and finally broke out my dress form. Dot really saved me. I wasn't happy about having to set her up because I'd promised to wait until I was moved, but I was desperate. Once I had her out, I immediately saw why the dress wasn't fitting right, tore it apart and in about 30 minutes, had everything perfect.

That weekend, between my outfit and Shadow's, I worked about 24 hours. It felt fantastic... except for the moment with Shadow's Jedi robe where I pulled the pattern out of the packet. It was late on Saturday night. The pieces where huge and there was yards and yards and yards of brown fabric around me. I sat in the middle of the living room and sobbed. His took 2 hours to cut out, but less then an hour to sew.

I took this at 1am. I hadn't finished hemming it but I was so excited to have something so huge done. In fact... there where several times I just danced around in the cloak. It's far to long for me, but it's fantastic.

I found this adorable bronze looking cherry blossom button in my stash. It was a small touch that we both enjoyed.

What you don't see is that he's got a black tunic top under that cloak. He's already planning for a second one. A black one of course out of thicker fabric.... which means I'll be dancing in this one. I might have to make myself my own one. I think I can alter this pattern to make a fitted coat for myself.

I don't know. I was so proud of this thing. It ended up being so simple.

But... back to Pinkie....

There was a lot of makeup. A lot of blush and pink and even yellow eye shadow. My ears are from Yaya Han and my wig is from That was scary because it came from over seas and almost wasn't here in time. I had people at work that didn't recognize me. My favorite was one of my doctors who stopped after passing me in the hall and did a double take. I even got to play Pinkie Pie to a couple of little girls that came through our office and where scared by the sea witch that was down the hall. It was the bestest ever... except now everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't be in healthcare.

Regardless, this was something my heart needed to know that I've healed enough to do more then I was able to before. I've already started another project and am looking for fabric for another dress... one much less pink.... omg the pink... This was so out of my norm. It was fantastic. There will be more my friends.

Monday, September 22, 2014

One year

It was actually on the 12th, but things... well, I've been sick since Labor Day weekend. That's mostly my own fault because I have a really hard time just stopping and let things run there course. Which is what I'm doing today.

Anyway, the update. I've finally gotten to a point where it will be maybe once a month that I will have any type of pain. I've been drawing again with regular sized pencils, nothing huge to hold on to and the only real limit I have is me getting frustrated with things not turning out the way they should. That's more from being rusty then anything else.

I can sew and cut and all those crafty things I love to do. Since February, I've completed 4 quilts. More then I've ever done in my whole time sewing. I have a major costume in the works for Halloween. It's the biggest cosplay deal I've done. I'm really excited for this one. On top of that, there is another Cutie Mark quilt in the works for another baby (not mine!) as well as my Sailor Moon one.

Looking back, it's been an interesting year. I know I'm still going to have to work to get into drawing and color pencil work again. It is coming along though. If I had to go through it all again, I would go in this time knowing that it wouldn't fix itself over night like I'd originally thought. There was a lot of damage done. To celebrate my one year, Shadow took me to get ramon for dinner. While I've used chopsticks several times since surgery, that night it meant the world. Thinking that a year ago that day I was in a sling, my whole right side swollen and I couldn't sleep.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I'm long overdue for an update here. Sorry guys. Still recovering. Having far more good days now though. :) I had one really bad pain day last week but it was the first in awhile. It was bad enough I considered going home. I just couldn't function even with pain meds.

But! Aside from that, I was finally able to finish something...

 The Alice Quilt is finally finished.

I don't think anyone will truly understand what this project means to me. It was the last thing I was working on when my arm got bad. Ever now and then I would pull it out and try to work more on it, but scissors where hard until the last few months. Holding my smaller iron for the hot ribbon, being hunched over the thing while I applied it, those where things that until recently I couldn't do without great discomfort, pain or difficulty getting my hand to do what it was suppose to do. There where pieces that had to be patched, characters I created from scratch (the Hare, Butterfly and hookah are all my own work :) ) and many seams ripped in frustration. This poor thing has been toted around, rolled up, thrown in corners, slept on by my cats and sobbed over. This has been 2 years in the making and there is so much emotion in it that I can't part with it. The Hare was almost the death of me at one point. He haunted my dreams O_O

In it's completion, it's made me see how much I love crafting in this medium. I love fabric and the textures. I've started sketching (yes! sketching! my sketchbook is my constant companion again!) ideas for new wall hangings. I have one that's been kicked around in my head for years FINALLY figured out and am drafting the pattern now. I have others I've pulled fabric for. Much smaller pieces then The Alice Quilt though. This thing can fit a bed. It's huge.

Expect more things, maybe slowly for awhile still, but the flood gates have been opened!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alice Returns

There was work again on the Alice Quilt. When I'd last worked on what was the whole of it, I came to the sad realization that my grand idea to have the wall hanging as the centerpiece for the whole quilt was not going to work. Nothing was lining up right. The only solution I could come up with was to rip apart the blocks and start piecing them without the wall hanging.

This was about a month or so ago. I had packed it away (again) after that, not wanting to look at it again.But then, Mom kept hounding on a sewing day. I've been doing better with the occasional high pain day. I decided it was time to finish the wall hanging.

This is how it's sat for almost a year. I had ideas for the side with the checkered board. Things ranging from a garden scene with flowers, to hookahs, to tweedles and to the original pattern design of the chess board. The bottom is the only area I knew for sure I was going to change from the original pattern. For a long time that was going to be my garden scene, but this pattern bothered me because there was no March Hare. When you have something you've worked on on and off for 2 years, you come up with crazy things. It was finally decided the bottom panel would be a mirror of the top panel with the Hare instead of the Hatter. Even with that decided, with the issues with my hand, drawing my own design for the Hare seemed daunting. There was still that side panel. So the poor quilt was tossed around and folded and refolded and shown off by everyone other then me over.

When I pulled it out today to work with my Mom, desicisons where made. Drawing was done. I'm all around happy with how it is FINALLY finishing up.

I started with the checkerboard. Sometime in the haze of the last few months, the Idea of the hookah stuck. I turned it over and over in my mind about how I'd do it. Today, I sat down with my Kindle and freezer paper and started to drafter a pattern. While it's backwards from what I had planned (the whole damn quilt is backwards from what the original pattern was) I still dig how it turned out. It actually works better because the smoke goes up into the next panel leading to my favorite detail in it so far.

That my friends, is Absylum. This was taken before he got antenna and the flash washed out his color. His blues are dark. Again, his hand drawn by me. The swirly cloud under him is smoke from his hookah. I wanted it to cross the panels to help things better flow together. The empty space above Ches bothered me a lot. I knew a long time ago that the space was meant for the butterfly. The two needed to be together. I love him. I can't wait to use the hot ribbon on him to bring out more detail.

So then came the bottom panel. For some reason, I was dreading this panel the most. Since this quilt and me have a history with ending up the wrong way, I was sure this panel was going to be the death of me. It actually went together really quick.

And was going the right way! You have no idea what that meant to me!

I changed up the colors of the tea pots and cups. I just couldn't have them match the top. The placement and even the spacing between them is the same as the top panel.

Now your wondering, 'Where's the Hare?!' It was about 8pm when I finished work on the bottom panel. I took my freezer paper and layed everything out on the floor and started to draw the Hare. What I'd done in my sketchbooks a few weekends back was far to small to fit in the empty space. So I started from scratch with him. It wasn't going right so instead of forcing it, I packed everything up for the night.

We are at the finish line though. Once the Hare is done, the new pieces will just need the boarder of hot ribbon and I can FINALLY put this damn thing together and hang it for people to enjoy! Though I keep hearing I should enter it in a contest. All I care about is the fact I worked a huge chunk of the day with no pain, no numbness or anything in my hand. I've been having some issues with my neck, but nothing with my hand.

Once this is done, I won't feel so guilty about starting more. My own designs this time. I have so many things floating in my head and so much fabric to use! Dolls won't be far behind either and the drawer of Monster High create-a-monster dolls can be used and I'll make my Marshal Lee finally. Heck! I might even make a Fionna to go with him!

Monday, January 20, 2014

An overdue update

Still doing physical therapy. Still have days with a lot of pain. Lately it's had me feeling really down because it seems to have increased. Today while I was in though, she asked if the pain was in my hand, which it hadn't been for a couple days. In fact, it been about a week since it was in my hand. She was excited by this because it's a sign that the damage is healing and is now more generalized into the weakened muscles in my shoulder/neck/back area and not so bad to where it's running into my hands.

I hadn't even noticed either. For a week now I've been able to hold my 3ds and play for extended periods. the weekend before last I was able to sew. Not for very long before my back started to bother me a great deal, but I was able too and holding fabric wasn't that hard. My hand writing has improved and I can now write with my curls again and more of them. Stick pens are still a struggle though, but I've found ways around that. :)

Why hello my beloved... how I've missed you...

But... I've had to do a great deal of work to fix my posture. That's something I'd never realized just how bad it was until I was forced into a more normal posture. I have curves where I shouldn't and my lower back curves in way to much. I've been taped on my back to and shoulders and neck to train muscles to be closer to where they need to be while we work on strengthening them. It makes sitting at my desk for even 7 hours extremely hard. Last week she noticed that my left shoulder blade is way out of whack from over compensating for so many years so the focus has shifted to getting that one closer to where it should be. We also discovered I'm allergic to some adhesives which kind of worked out for the best because now we use the stronger tape.

Granted... I feel like I'm just pieced together. Lately the pain has been wearing on me a lot. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. I sleep just about any chance I get. All in all, 4 months and I'm slowly getting there.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surviving the Holidays

Hi guys. I know it's been a little bit since my last update.

I managed to do Thanksgiving dinner with getting help with anything that involved cutting. Other then that, I was able to do the whole meal on my own. I didn't really have any issues until I started to relax, then everything started to hurt and bad. It got worse in the following weeks because I was only able to get in with my physical therapist once a week.

Word to the wise: DON'T DO THAT!!!

It took another 2 weeks to get back to feeling normal again and only after she used athletic tape to hold things in place to either stop them from moving (along my neck and shoulder) or move things closer to where they should be. We found out my right shoulder blade is lower then my left. The left is still over working and I have muscles that tense up when the other arm moves. I'm a hot mess.

But... This is my third round of being taped together. I haven't had to take a pain pill in almost a week. I like that because that is about where I was before Thanksgiving. Being taped together has really helped me stop over using certain muscles and we're getting closer to a point where we can start strengthening things. I've been trying to scribble daily but there are times it's still hard to hold my pencils or pens.

It is improving though, just very slowly. I was told to not do Christmas dinner and advised against making candy this year. I still made candy though... I just enlisted the help of a friend. Wrapping took an insane amount of time this year, but my packages still looked amazing. :) Christmas dinner I had to give up since Thanksgiving nearly killed me. That was hard. I love to cook big dinners like that and was really excited to do prime rib. Like everyone has said, there is next year.

With how things are going, there is a very high probability I'll be celebrating new years taped together! I'm ok with that... at least the tape is black! :P

But honestly if you asked me how I felt about it about a week ago, I would have bawled. I was MORTIFIED I was being taped together. My posture has improved though and the pain is almost gone. :) I'll try and do a Christmas haul post. I did get some cool art related things... but one of them must be exchanged. So expect that before the new year!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good News!!!

Guess what!!!! I had my 2 month follow up today and was told I'd  improved 50% since I first saw Dr. Johanson in August!!!

I still have a lot of weakness in my hand and the pain is generally in my shoulder and neck area now. :)