Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not a good house wife

I was dead set and determined to clean house and get the yard work half way done. I got up, made breakfast for Shadow and was semi hopeful for the day. During breakfast, I spilled a full can of pop onto my lap. Nothing like waking up to ice cold pop. Wanting to continue eating my breakfast, I took of the pajama pants and chucked them down the stairs knowing I would be doing laundry later that day. I noticed Shadow kept watching me, a bit in disbelief and shock as I continued to eat breakfast.

Me: ‘What I do now?’

Shadow: *sigh* ‘You’re such a dork sometimes…’

After breakfast, Shadow got ready for work and I decided I was going to lay with the cat. I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but I did. I remember Shadow yelling at me before he left for work, but that was it. The next time I looked at the clock it was 9am.

I grabbed, yet another pop and went downstairs to check email… which lead to reading blogs… and then Gaia Online. At 1pm I texted Shadow:

Me: ‘Oh god! I’m a horrible wifey!!!’

Shadow: ‘What did you do!?!’

Me: ‘I am sitting at the computer, eating nachos and still have no pants!’

Shadow: ‘Your such a dork…’

Me: ‘You thought I blew up the vacuum, didn’t you…’

Shadow: ‘That was my first guess. That or your broke something.’


  1. *giggles* you are silly sometimes!!

    (reminds herself what you mean by pants before giggling again)

  2. XD i forget sometimes pants = undies to you!

  3. lol, yup such a 'bad wifey'