Sunday, August 22, 2010

Silver Foxes and Stinky Irishmen

Friday after work I wondered around Seattle. I am still a bit numb over the job thing and wasn’t ready to go home. My wondering led me to Border’s, which was out of my book, but had 2 others I had been meaning to pick up. My wondering led me back over to the mall where I was cornered by an Irishman that was trying to get me to donate money for needy children. He was my age and smelled of bum, needless to say I didn’t donate to his cause. The way home was a far longer trek then normal and further beat into my head why I don’t travel around Federal Way on foot and alone when the sun is setting. I was asked repeatedly where the party was by some punk, without looking up from my book, I told him I was to old for those kinds of things and he should ask near the 174 pick up point. He’s eyes where glazed over from the brief glance I had given him.

Yesterday was spent mostly asleep. I’ve been far to stressed to sleep well, but I also managed a good chunk of reading. 100 pages of a cynical old man rambling on about his life’s adventures in the culinary world. It was the highlight of my day.

Today I finally got around to ordering a few Trikkies to play with for a new crafty thing. They should be here about the time I’m out of work again. I’ll also be raiding my fabric stash for pieces big enough to make aprons from to put up in the shop. I’m determined to make it work. I have more dolls to work on as well. Another trip to the fabric store may be in order for supplies. Sculpy is running dangerously low in the tool box.

This week I realized I’m smitten with one of the older techs at work and either he’s good at faking or he has a thing for me too. Maybe we both are just on the same wave length. Something had come up the other day while we where talking. One of those things I just knew without knowing about him and he asked how I knew. I didn’t have the heart to saw I’m an empathy, that seems to get me weird looks, but in that moment, I saw/felt that he already knew. I can’t remember how I told him I knew. I have this want to hug him, but I’m also scared. Shadow told me to go for it and that both scared me and excited me. Chase my silver fox or play cute. I only have this week to decide what I want to do. I’m 26 chasing an almost 50 year old, my mom was a tad freaked when I had said something about him that I called him Cupcake and he blushed when I did. I’m so sad to leave this job, more upset that I have to leave such wonderful people that are like me and give me hope that I’m not just a lone freak. Though I have gotten better about that too. I haven’t been somewhere where pet names where mandatory. I’m Angela, Angie and Limburger Cheese and a pet name Cupcake has given me that has completely slipped my mind. Why does fate hate me so much!?!

It has crossed my mind several times though with Cupcake. I know it would work, but there is the age issue and how people view that. Do I cast those things to the wind? I’ve been single for a year now and though Shadow is my dearest friend still, I still feel like I’m betraying him. Nothing has happened and I’m over worrying. Only 5 days left and I’m sure they will be a mix of sorrow, misery and laughs.


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  2. firstly not all irishmen smell (that's just all men!! :P) *giggle*

    & if you haven't got cupcake's number get it already!! *gentle shove* don't make me bop you hard on the nose!! ;) & i want a piccy of cupcake!! you don't have to share with the world just me!! tell him your irish friend wants to see what he looks like!! ;)

    a trip to the fabric store...does that mean more scraps for me? yeah!! :D

    i get weird looks from people when am all delighted about getting scraps and plastic bags, but am used to the weird looks :)

    (i had made a few spelling errors and the post didn't make sense to me which is why i deleted it and re-sensed it!)