Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts on the Gypsy

It’s been way to hot here the past few days. This morning I woke to find I was stuck to the bed. Looking up, or is it down, I noticed that my cat Luna B, was looking at me rather irritated. She was stuck to me, who was stuck on the bed. If I didn’t have to get up for work, I would have stayed there. But, I’m now in the final countdown for this job, so I figured I need all the days I can get.

10 days as of this morning. 10 days and I’m back out of work again and will most likely loose what is left of my mind. Though it will mean more time for my dolls and getting back to my artwork. Since starting this job I haven’t had the time, it has cemented it into my head though that I would love it if I can be a full time artest. I’m going to submit a doll of mine to a doll mag I read now and see what happens. I know if they put her in, she will help put me out there for others to see. It would most likely be my Sally, but I am also toying with Bo. I do love my Bo and have decided she won’t go up for sale after all. I will have to make another like her, but the original will live with me.

I have 6 other dolls I have sketched out since I started this job. 4 of them will go for sale, 2 will stay with me because they are more personal dolls. There is another project I am about to start as well that will go up for sale, but I need to wait until I have some money to order the parts for it. It should be a fairly quick project for me to turn out, but another personal one that I had planned on using for myself but now have no need currently. They should be cute. I would just really really love it if Blonde Gypsy became something more then a past time. Even if I had to work part time so I could craft the rest I would in a heartbeat if it meant I could still be the Blonde Gypsy a bigger chunk of my time. It makes me happy, it gives me life and hope and more importantly, it convinces the parentals I’m using my pricey art degree.


  1. you have inspired me with your dollies!! *giggle* i have a thought in my head for something crafty but also useable...

    ...gonna keep it quiet till i get time to try it out *giggle*

  2. ROCK ON! Since I left teh wolf I'm finding my craft work is really important to me... albeit a different kind of 'craft' than your dolls ;)

  3. all craft is good for the soul if it makes you happy in life ;) :D