Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not dead

Been very busy and a tad not so stressed. Job was extended until the end of October and the position is reopening. I’ve been told I have first crack at applying for it. Cross your fingers and cross your toes. I love this job and the freedom they give me with it and I would love to stay. They want me to stay and I want to stay, but because of legal crap, they have to post the job instead of just giving it to me. So, more stress and the waiting game. The person I work with has no respect for me either and that bothers me to no end. Age gap shouldn’t matter, I’ve been there longer and know the job and do it well. I expect the person that is ‘more qualified’ then me to do the same… ugh… will get off that soapbox because it never ends well.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Shadow the past few weeks though and that has made things so much better. Last week (or was it the week before) his parents found me on my corner waiting for the bus. They beckoned me to come with them to dinner. Needless to say I got a bit drunk. Ok, a lot drunk before Shadow had even showed up. Gypsy doesn’t handle booze well… or at all, unless is saki.

Shadow and I also found a new pho place and we’ve already been there several times. It makes me so happy to go and get a big bowl of noodle soup. This place also has a bakery and they make cream puffs! When the owner sees me, he includes a cream puff with my order and regular cake with Shadow’s. Friday night we went in and ordered 6 puffs to take home, when I opened the box I found a dozen. No, I couldn’t bring myself to eat them all. I’d love to have a bowl of there soup right now even though I’ve had it 2 days in a row.

I’ve made more things for the shop, but haven’t gotten around to photography yet… I’m so slow. I’d love to make more dolls too, but I’d also like to sell the ones I have here. I repost 3 this morning. I need to focus on promoting myself again. It’s just hard right now to get the family compy and actually have the damn thing work well. Sell the dolls and I am buying a new laptop which will make running things easier. I can create and edit ads from work and then post when I’m home. * sighs* but it is a dream right now.

I did get my psp finally. I’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts when I can. 56 hours invested into Terra and that was mostly my commute time and in the evenings before bed. I forgot how much I enjoyed gaming. I’m happy Shadow had put that first payment on it. Yes, I got crap for getting it from the parentals, but I got such a screaming deal on the whole package that how could I not pick it up? I had been paying it off in very small increments for awhile until I had the last of it to pay it off the week before it came out. I have called it my birthday gifty to myself from last year and this year and also my ‘congrats your semi employed gift’. When I’m fully employed, I’m getting some things for the Wii…. Or maybe I will start collecting gift cards for the laptop. That might be a better idea.

The other night, while out with Shadow's mom, we'd been talking. She saw i got upset when money and the job came up. All she said was that it will be okay and i'll get back on my feet again. i believe her when she says it.

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