Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates to Blonde Gypsy

I finally finished off my aprons and Almost Alice. Though she had bee posted for sale, she was missing something. So now, I am happier with her and had to take updated photos... which then led to new photos for all the girls looking for a home. The first photos where so bad. I know better too... i took photography in high school!!! I should know about lighting! it also prompted me to dig out a very cherished piece of furniture from storage. The chair the dolls sit in is one i've had since i was a little little girl and since i'm far to big for it, it is perfect for my dolls and stuffies. it made me happy to clean it up and drape it with the afghan my grammy had made me some years ago as a graduation gifty.

Other then that, life has been full with lots of pho, time with Shadow, work and walks in the rain. Oh, and video games... damn Shadow... damn damn damn him... He brought over Misha (ps3) on Saturday and started playing a horribly girly game. I mean horribly girly game! Ack! And it has to do with becoming an alchemist and completing quests. Guess who got sucked into it and started a game? Guess who also stayed up until 2am last night playing said game. For something I can't even pronounce, it's like crack for my OCD. Adorably cute crack. Shadow is a bad bad man...

I managed to slice the top off my thumb (again) last night and today while sewing, I burned the heck out of my fingers with hot glue. Did you know hot glue is hot? like... scalding hot? Like, 'what the heck was i thinking when i touched it i do this every time' hot? it's better then super glue. not that i've glued myself to things with it before or anything... >.>

Other then that, i'm happy fall is here. This morning i smelled winter on the wind and it got me excited a bit too. I don't care for winter as much as fall though. i love fall. i'd like to get pumpkins to carve this year, but i don't think i will be. i will be dressing up for halloween though at work! i bought a pattern for an Alice in Wonderland costume. i should be able to throw it together in a weekend, even with the alterations i plan on making for it. i'm excited to dress up and run around the hospital.

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  1. oooh cool! :D

    & erm you know the ribbon stuff am making for you? yeah erm it's kinda got a life of its own now! there will be more items to it and am gonna call it "the vampyre set" when i upload pics when you get it of course i have finish it all and send it you to first! ;) *giggle*

    okay that made sense in my head & i know you understood it!