Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The need to wander

So today, Gypsy decided she need to get out. There has been so much stress between home and work and all kinds of energy that I just can’t handle. This morning, I tried the bus route I had mapped out the other night. When I got to the transit center in Federal Way to catch my connector, my feet started to carry me to the bus to Seattle.

I wanted to jump on that bus and go. I knew I missed the city, but I didn’t realize how much I missed it until that moment. I had time to unwind and collect myself on that commute. I could nap or, what I did mostly, was catch up on gaming. In the evenings, I’d take the light rail and stop by the store or go into the city.
What I miss most though, is street food. Wandering Pike Place and enjoying the smells and the sights. Walking the piers and peeking into the galleries. But the street food… picking up handmade pot stickers in Pike Place, or getting fresh pink pears. Going into the International District and getting hot chestnuts or other yummy tidbits on my wonderings.

I’m a foody at heart and Federal Way, or at least the spots I am forced to visit again and again and again… it’s like slow torture. I crave the tastes of my college days. Though Shadow and I have found a few small hide outs in our wanderings, its Federal Way. And to me, this isn’t home. I’m not sure how to explain it. Wondering there, feeling the energy, walking streets I know well from many a night of getting hopelessly lost when I should have been in class… there is just a magic to Seattle that Federal Way will never have.

I think I need a day to wonder the city again. A day during the week because the energy is better then. It will help feed my soul, help feed my creative spirit. Lately it’s just felt starved. Maybe my brother will hold true to his word and we’ll go wonder or maybe I’ll blow him off and go on my own. I just know it’s time to go. I keep hoping I’ll get a call back from the company that called me last week. It would give me what I crave. Even doing the interview would give me a reason to be in the city again. I told myself I wouldn’t call until after the holidays. I know how it can get in an office when you have 2 straight weeks of 4 days. I’m going to keep my hopes up on this and that this will get me out of where I’m at now.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

technology bites

With Fraya being dead, but her hard drive still functioning, we're now looking into cannibalizing her for her hard drive. i have writing and things on there that where not backup elsewhere. Why? well, i'm not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes. the good news is that out of her epic drawn out death, i will have a removable hard drive to dump things onto for under $10. Or, after i pull what i need from it, i give it to my parents since they are to cheap to buy one themselves. you can not back up years and years of family photos on a computer and expect the old piece of crap to not crash on you at some point.

But the new laptop, after much though, it was decided her name would be Midna. Midna is a character from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I adore that little imp. My Midna is black, has glowy bits and ish smexy. it seemed to be a fitting name. Though Shadow questioned why i didn't choose the name Cora, since she also wears black, is smexy and has glowy bits. Midna came first and is far cuter in my book.

my mental state though with this little side of myself has come out in full force. my desktop is decorated very little kidish. my firefox persona is Sanrio's Little Twin Stars. i think i've lost my mind. My sister's desktop is photos from her travels. my brother's is graffiti works he's collected and mine looks like something out of a nursery. i'm awesome sauce!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

So, Gypsy has been busy with new joby and such. I've also been struggling with a depression funk that i usually go into around this time of year. So today, Shadow took me to lunch! When i jumped in the truck, there where a plush Mario and Luigi sitting in my seat for me! He told me he thought i could use some cheering up! *squee!!!!* so they have been sitting with me today at work since then!

he also said they have nothing at all to do with my Christmas presents. so no clues :( I'm worried he might not like what i got for him. this is the first year i really didn't know what to do for people. usually i'm a super organized Christmas elf about these things. Finding the perfect gifts and everything, this year i've been so out of it and stressed over jobs and such that i didn't have the time or focus to put the details in like i normally do.

Thursday, December 9, 2010



no, not doing the art thing all day every day, but working at the front desk of an assistance living home. it's a few blocks from home too, so no more bus commute! normal hours and monday through friday. so very happy! i start monday!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caffeine Fueled Creating

Gypsy is out of her funk and back to creating. Pictures will be posted soon of what I’ve been up too. 4 new dolls in the final stages should be up for sale either tomorrow night or Tuesday. I’ve got another project for my mother-in-law I should be doing on Wednesday.

I’m very excited for this next set of girls to be coming out. 2 of them where ones I’ve had in my head since July. Fabric had been pulled for them and set aside, but there wasn’t enough time or energy.

It’s such a toss up between working full time and being able to work on Gypsy. I’ve been blessed with having a wonderful support system in my Shadow and Aunty Em. Without him, I don’t think I would have been able to show everyone just how serious I am about this. The next step from here is making a new portfolio site and getting everything linked back to the shop. I’m so excited tonight!!! Not just from the wine I had earlier either!!!