Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

So, Gypsy has been busy with new joby and such. I've also been struggling with a depression funk that i usually go into around this time of year. So today, Shadow took me to lunch! When i jumped in the truck, there where a plush Mario and Luigi sitting in my seat for me! He told me he thought i could use some cheering up! *squee!!!!* so they have been sitting with me today at work since then!

he also said they have nothing at all to do with my Christmas presents. so no clues :( I'm worried he might not like what i got for him. this is the first year i really didn't know what to do for people. usually i'm a super organized Christmas elf about these things. Finding the perfect gifts and everything, this year i've been so out of it and stressed over jobs and such that i didn't have the time or focus to put the details in like i normally do.

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