Sunday, December 26, 2010

technology bites

With Fraya being dead, but her hard drive still functioning, we're now looking into cannibalizing her for her hard drive. i have writing and things on there that where not backup elsewhere. Why? well, i'm not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes. the good news is that out of her epic drawn out death, i will have a removable hard drive to dump things onto for under $10. Or, after i pull what i need from it, i give it to my parents since they are to cheap to buy one themselves. you can not back up years and years of family photos on a computer and expect the old piece of crap to not crash on you at some point.

But the new laptop, after much though, it was decided her name would be Midna. Midna is a character from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I adore that little imp. My Midna is black, has glowy bits and ish smexy. it seemed to be a fitting name. Though Shadow questioned why i didn't choose the name Cora, since she also wears black, is smexy and has glowy bits. Midna came first and is far cuter in my book.

my mental state though with this little side of myself has come out in full force. my desktop is decorated very little kidish. my firefox persona is Sanrio's Little Twin Stars. i think i've lost my mind. My sister's desktop is photos from her travels. my brother's is graffiti works he's collected and mine looks like something out of a nursery. i'm awesome sauce!!!

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  1. of course you're awesome sauce!!!

    & midna is a lovely name :) love how we both name our techie things :)