Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little JoJo

Meet JoJo. My first doll with fully (well they where before I glued things down! XD) removable clothes. She was made special for a very dear little friend.

I honestly don't have much to say about this one other then she is adorable and I wish i took better photos.

Pretty good considering I did the outfit with no pattern!

But this made everything worth it to me. Seeing my little girl get cuddled and loved. While I was talking with Mary Jo, she cuddled little JoJo the whole time and it really touched me. She's the type of person I hope all my dolls end up with.

The Goblin King

This one was inspired by a friend from work. Well, it was inspired from an on going joke from a work friend and I just found myself unable to resist.

He just kept swimming around in my head. I honestly couldn't get the idea out. I knew he was going to be different then what I've done before and I wanted to get it right. Other then a few issues with his hair, I'm in love with him.

The things the photos don't pick up is that his pants and vest are glittery. I held back on painting him with glitter because of the fabric. The hair was a something new. I learned a lot from it... like it would have been better to felt the roving down to his head instead of going nuts with the glue gun. I can also make dreads now!!! ^_^

Little Seito

Meet Little Seito. She was one of my christmas projects this year and one I had a very hard time parting with. I fell in love with her.

Not the best pictures, I was shaky this night, but I tried.

There are little details about her I adore, like her collar, her little bat bow and her striped stockings. Mostly though, the fabric is one I love. It's a halloween fabric I was given this year for my birthday. There are bats and moons and spiderweb type things on it.

She went to a very dear friend. Though I was very tempted to keep her. She so damn cute in person! I have just enough of the fabric to possible make another.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holidays

I've been busy crafting wonderful things. Have changed some things with the doll patter. I'm officially done with Christmas dolls as of tonight. Pictures to come after tomorrow because they will be in there new homes and i won't have to worry about spoiling surprises. :)

Still have aprons and tarot clothes to do, but those will be an after Christmas project. Another doll or 2 will be in there too. So stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Alice Dress

So... I never got around to posting my Alice in Wonderland costume. Things have been weird, but I'm absolutely in love with this dress. So much so in fact, I wore it to my work's holiday party on Friday. Nothing like Alice stealing a bottle of Baily's from someone!

this was taken in our medical records office

This dress was made from 3 patterns and was dubbed the frankindress early on. The skirt is from my first Alice pattern and I use it on all my jumpers. The top was originally done from the same pattern as the skirt until i got the whole thing together and remembered I HATED how the whole thing hanged on me. So, I took a pattern from my mom's stash and a blouse pattern I still haven't gotten around to making, and created something I'm very much in love with. NO ZIPPERS OR SHEERING ON THIS ONE!!!! The apron was made up as I went. I wanted an Alice: Madness Returns look. I think I did fairly well in getting it.

The shoes I had bought for other lolita outfits, but honestly, they where for this dress. I adore those mary janes!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artist After Dark

Once upon a time, I use to draw, paint or sew until my hands ached, my back hurt and my contacts would be so dry they'd fall out. Even in college, some of my worst times, I loved this deep down. When you loose all sense of time. When your lost in your work, something that has flowed purely from your heart. It's like great sex, it's gratifying, exhilarating, and leaves you completely drained after. I can be complimented a million times by patients, told I'm doing awesomely at work, but nothing is as fulfilling as stepping back from a piece after hours or days even and thinking 'Did I really make this?'

I stumbled on this little video today and it made me long for those times.

Moonshine: Artist After Dark

Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's my favorite month, I had planned on doing great things, but I just haven't had the time. My current project is my new Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween. My goal is to finish it this weekend. No one will be home, it will be quite (mostly) and i should be able to finish it in 5 hours. Maybe less. It depends if i have as many problems as i did with the last one. The fabric is wonderfully dark, i am hoping i don't have anymore mess ups so there are leftovers of the fabric.

I did manage to get my birthday off this year. I have no idea how because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen. I do hate my birthday though. I've had very few happy ones. This year, I'm either getting the courage to adventure to Belleuve to go wander around the doll museum and to have lunch at my favorite deli, if it's still there. It's either that, or I'm hiding at home. I honestly haven't decided yet. Though a day to catch up with Doctor Who would be wonderful too. I'll be 27 and i honestly don't believe it. It's been a better year then the last few and while part of me wants to just skip my birthday, i do want to do something for myself that day too. Hopefully my BJD Kitsune shows up before then. I'm not impatiently waiting for him.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What was the real reason for starting the creepy little dolls?

This question has come up a few times. Why do you insist on making the dolls look the way they do? Until recently, I really couldn’t give an answer. Or I could but I didn’t really want too. I’m a huge admirer of Lolita fashion. I never dreamed of wearing the beautiful frilly dresses because, well, I’m curvy. Lolitas are small delicate little things. I’m 5’ 8 ½” and have a few extra pounds. I’ve seen lolitas tear apart their fluffier sisters and I just couldn’t bear to deal with that. I have always been happy with myself even with the extra fluff. It frustrates me that even my parents, who I love, make a stink over me losing a few pounds. Honestly, I don’t try and I never notice when I do. I have always been happy with me. There where darker days when I was on the other end of the spectrum and I felt horrible. But that, is another post for another blog.

The dolls where started in this fashion because I had convinced myself I couldn’t wear these kinds of dresses. I love Lolita. It’s delicate, there are frills and lace and full skirts. I made sure those details made it into my little girls. Over the past year as I developed my style more, I got daring and made myself my first Lolita dress. It wasn’t perfect, just as my first doll Eleanor, but it was mine and to me, it was beautiful, just as Eleanor still is. I was even daring enough to wear it out to a midnight launch for the 3DS. I had a close friend with me that threatened to beat anyone down that laughed, but I still felt pretty.

 Sweet Eleanor, my first doll

If it wasn’t for these creepy little girls, I don’t think I’d of gotten the courage to make that first dress. Today, I ripped that dress apart in what I thought was a quick reworking of the bodice. What ended up happening was a 5 hour event that not only completely remade the bodice, but also ended up taking a half yard of fabric out of the skirt. Previously, I had loved this dress. It made me feel pretty. Last night when I tried it on, it was now so big, it wouldn’t fit right at all. The bow I had added to it to act as a belt was no help. This is a project I put off for a few months now. Today, it became a mass undertaking! Recently finishing Little Lotte, I knew I had wanted to redo the bodice in that style, well I just about recreated her dress in black for myself! It may still get a much softer ruffle for the bottom, but for now, I’m happy with it. 

 Not even close to a properly dressed Lolita here, but I had to show off my dress.

If I keep losing weight like I am, the remaining fabric I have from Little Lotte’s dress may go to making a pretty dress for me. ^_^ I know this is not the normal art post, but since Lolita inspired me to do this whole thing, I figured it be a good fit.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New dolls!!!!

I finally finished the last few dolls in the group I was working on. After all the drama I have gone through recently, I just didn’t have it in me to sit down and work on my lovely little girls. I couldn’t even look at them. It was horrible. I hate being that depressed. BUT!!! They are all here now and looking for new homes! I proudly present...

 Miss Alice (blue) and Little Miss Suzy (pink)

 Little Loli

 Sweet Kitten, she is a test at an all cloth doll. Something I had toyed with doing but have since decided against.

Princess Serenity

I'm proud of most all of them. Serenity has swam in my head for a long time to do. I love Sailor Moon. I have the comics currently on preorder. I wanted to get her done before I received my first 2 books. Well... she's been done but she's proven a nightmare to photograph. Her dress is sparkly and it messed with the camera and without the flash she just looks peach, which she isn't.

Little Lotti was a surprise. When I was working on her, I didn't like her. She had problems from the get go and I was worried she'd be doomed to live in the fabric box next to Yuzuki. One day I will get the courage to finish my little demon doll.

Miss Alice was another one that had been sitting unfinished for awhile. Though not to the point of being banished to the box. I knew that I was thinking to hard when I painted her face the first 2 or 3 times. I was so pleased with her when she was finished, it inspired her little sister. Suzy was part inspired by Alice and part from a sketch I did at work. When I had started her, the sketch worked itself into the doll.

Kitten... I will make another one of her in my regular style. I really wish I had from the start. My mom keeps hounding me to make child safe dolls. This was my attempt and she still isn't child safe. She is one of those ones I've had in my mind since I bought the fabric, but when I made her here, it was to test the new pattern. I love my spindly little legs to much. Kitten is to chunky for my taste, but at least now I know.

All dolls featured here are up for adoption!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Works in progress

So, I haven't shaken the funk of having to cancel the fair. I was really excited. After having the past few days off for myself to recover from stress though, I realized it was for the best. So, here are pictures of what I have on the cutting table currently. I'm very excited for most of these ladies.

This is Kitty. She was an experiment in an all cloth doll. I'm not 100% happy with her outcome. I love her outfit though so I'm tempted to try again with her with the way I currently make my dolls.

I realized after I uploaded this it was fuzzy. This is another Alice. When I had created her, I saw something totally different. When she was almost done I realized I had made another Alice. I'm very fond of her and her little hair bow in back.

This is a sister to Alice above. You can't tell in the photo, but there dress fabric and painted shoes match. She will get piggy tails because I've seen her as a younger sister. I haven't come up with a name for her yet, but she seems like a little Susie or Lucy.

This is Dreams. She's not as far along as the other girls. Mostly because her stripes took forever and I was working to late one night and got confused. I can't wait to get her little jumper done.

Another fuzzy one and I'm sorry because I'm most excited for her. Can you guess who she is? :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

officially cancelled

I have officially cancelled the craft fair planned for 8/16. It does break my heart, but I have needed some much needed down time to recover from some things that have happened here recently. Things that have also managed to eat up my time with getting more pieces done for the fair. The final blow for me was my business cards coming in and being completely wrong. My new plan of action is to work on getting my shop out there more. I have some new little girls looking for homes as well as a few boys that will soon be here. I'm excited. expect to see great things.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, I'm back in the sewing room today, in my favorite apron and covered in flesh colored paint. With issues with work, friends and various other things in my life, my hands have also started to crap out on me again. I've had carpel tunnel surgery before and really don't want to do it again if it only means 6 months of maybe being pain free.

It's the worst thing in the world to be an artist and not be able to use your hands. It's why I don't do colored pencil work anymore because it takes weeks to do even a simple piece to my standards. The dolls where a safe thing, or so I thought. You forget about the picking up of needles, scissors and hell, even holding a paint brush. I feel like the cosmos are against me at the moment for this craft fair. I want to do it, but the more things keep happening, I’m not sure if I really really want to anymore. It makes me sad.

BUT!!!I'm working on something exciting at the moment. I can't wait until she is closer to done. I'm also going to try something new with doll hair on these next 3. I hope I can have them mostly completed by tomorrow evening.

Friday, July 29, 2011


might not be doing the craft fair after all now... am not really happy about this, but will post more when head is clear.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The battle of the cards

For something so freakin simple, it's taken me 2 weeks to create and send out my business cards for printing!!! I went through Vista print this time around and they kept trying to cut off the lovely border around my design! I finally broke down and just redid the whole thing because, somehow, I ended up setting up the original to the wrong size! So frustrating!!!

I haven't been working as diligently either for the craft fair either. I’ve dealt with a mass bought of depression recently that just sucked the life from me completely and doing another remotely crafty took so much time and energy. (Not even kidding here, it took hours to make a few arms and legs when I’ve been known to crank out several sets in an hour!) This isn't something new though. I’ve fought on and off with depression and summers seem to be the worst time for me. I’m still focused to do this. I have a wonderful group of people that support me and I know I can do it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


After much playing around with things, I've finally figured things out! Now! On to business card design and this will all be done except for the fun crafting parts!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't mind the dust

Look! Up there in the address bar! Yep! I bought a domain!!!

Everything is going under a huge makeover right now to give me a more organized/thought out/professional look. It means graphic design work... again, but after raiding my fabric stash, i found a favorite piece of fabric that might become my new best friend. Keep checking back for updates and hope the dust settles soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy Busy!

I was abducted at the park and ride by Shadow, taken to dinner and then spent the night at his house. It was the past night of sleep I’ve had in about a month. I don’t know what it is about his basement. It’s dark and scary, but I always manage to pass out on the couch. After a good night of sleep, there was a bbq and then pizza later back at his house until he brought me home around 10. I crashed again shortly after getting home but was not able to sleep much past 7am when everyone seems to stomp around here.
After getting back from the movies this morning, I was back in my borrowed studio working again on dolls. The new pattern is a bust. It’s just to chunky for me and I don’t think there is a way to get the spindly limbs I love so much from cloth. There are other flaws as well, but the biggest was the final look of the doll. It was a good idea, but just not the style I’m after. I had also started working again on an Alice doll that had been sitting in pieces for some time. After finishing her today, I’m fully in love and know my skills have improved since I started a year ago. I plan on making a sister for her out of the same print fabric, but in pink. I used a pricey lace on her I had originally bought for a blouse for myself, but I think it’s better suited to this pair. After finishing her, I was back to sculpting limbs like a made women. I have much sewing to do still as well as the ordering of business cards and possibly a small banner. Though I’m scared shitless for the craft fair in August, I’m also very much excited and decided that if my brother bails, I’ll employ a friend to help me for the day.

I know give you doll porn! XD

Miss Alice, not the best shot, but it served its purpose!

Project Kitty, this was from last weekend. She now waiting on hair since someone forgot to match the paint to the color yarn she had stashed. Kitty may get a second go because this one turned out more adult looking then i had pictured.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A quote from Uncle Walt

“A lot of people put more hard work into their hobbies than they do into their bread-and-butter occupations. That’s because the hobbies are jobs they really love to do. A person ought to feel the same about the way he earns his living. Your work ought to be something you’d want to do if you didn’t get a penny for doing it.

“Every now and then you read in the papers about some many who couldn’t get a job and put all his time on his hobby. By doing the best work possible on a task which interested him, he eventually found he had created something other people were willing to pay him for doing. Which shows what John Ruskin meant when he wrote “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - Walt Disney

So for those that don't know, I am a bit of a Disney nut. Not just in the company as a whole, but in Walt himself. I stumble upon things like this every now and then that make me stop and smile because the words hit close to home. Recently, I had realized that my happiest times where when I was devoted solely to my craft. It's been a year since I officially opened up shop on Etsy. The first few months of last year, when I was out of work, those creepy dolls helped save my sanity and confidence. I felt like I wasn't wasting that hard earned degree, even if I wasn't doing animation.

A lot of people don't know that I never really learned how to paint in school. I had one basic class and we only did 2 days of painting in that class the whole semester. Acrylic wasn't a medium they taught either. I taught myself acrylic. I love how the colors flowed and how easy it was to mix them. They also cleaned up easy. Much trial and error has helped me developed a technique that works best for me. This is also true with my sewing. My mom showed me once how to use the machine, but pattern piecing and design was something I taught myself. I know there are many things I don't do the 'right' way, I chalk it up to being an animator and animators tend to do things there own way.

My point! To hell with rules when it comes to your passion!!! If it works for you, who's to say it's wrong for not being as the book says? I believe people should craft from the heart. Your love will show when you do.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Overdue Update

I'm doing a craft fair in August!!! only for a day and it will be my first fair! am excited about it and working on a new design to sell there. :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So, many people know i've had a long mentally battle with staying on etsy. it's mostly an ethical thing. they are not supporting real artists like they claim they do. i was so happy to find them in the beginning, but after a year and hardly being found, i decided it was time to move.

here is my new shop. i don't have a full account yet as i've decided to move my dolls over as they expire on etsy. i will upgrade the account to a paid. i like this better actually because i can customize it. you might also notice the name change. yes, i went back to my former alias. after being Gypsy for a year and having the name tarnished by a little nag, i decided to go back to Nightengale. i'm still Gypsy, but am always going to be Nightengale.

i realized the other day that it's been a year since i made my first doll, Eleanor. Casey was completed on Easter last year as my second attempt.

Casey and Eleanor

happy birthday Gypsy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad as a Hatter

So gypsy has been busy. Life has thrown a lot of curve balls recently. I’m thankful I’ve had Shadow with me and my Irish Twinkie. There have been a few mornings where getting out of bed was a struggle. Yet even when I felt my worst, I could feel my sewing calling for me. So I’ve spent a fair chunk of this weekend in my borrowed studio. I’ve started dolls again and finally finished mine and my mom’s Christmas aprons. I cut another for a friend today along with one I plan on selling. 3 dolls have been cut and I have 2 more still to do. My second attempt at Alice is still sitting without a face. I think she may be painted with one eye closed now.

As therapeutic as it is to be working at my trade again, it also gives me far too much time to think. So I’ve had to have some kind of music going while I work.

New job was going great until I was pulled into the office last Friday. Some icky things were said by the boss lady and I was made to feel like a liar. It really crushed me. My crew had started spreading rumors the 2 days I had to call in I think, because somehow everyone thinks I’m out interviewing and not happy with the job. I love the job, but my mind hasn’t been where it should be. I really didn’t realize I was so far gone mentally until something was said either. That concerns me. I don’t like being that distracted. This whole thing has made me wish I were more of a dedicated artist. Sometimes, I feel like Burton’s Mad Hatter. That reminds me I had wanted to buy his nifty pin cushion ring.

The next set of dolls will be Miss Kitty, Raijin and Sheria (who will not be for sale), the commission for my cousin, and the 11th Doctor. Alice will also be finished and i am toying with digging Yusuki from her body bag in the fabric stash. I am tempted to sell her as is and hope someone else can salvage her, but I’m also tempted to give her another look since it’s been a few months since her leg shattered and the sealant incident. We will see how the week goes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

5 day count down

So, Gypsy has a new job and starts next Monday. This means I’m in the 5 day count down at what’s been dubbed the Zombie Holding Area. I am hoping I can make it through these last 5 days. Mentally, it might take its toll on me, more than it already has. As word has spread amongst staff and the residents, they are both sad and relieved that I am getting out of there. My favorite comment that I’ve heard multiple times now, is that I’m too good for the place. Everyone but management has seen the life be drained from me the past 6 weeks. Yes! I’ve been counting!

I’m now faced with my sinuses causing insane amounts of grief for me. I’ve been in and out of work both sick and because I’ve taken mental health days. On top of things, I’ve trained a ding bat. Thankfully not my replacement… but the women who had my job for 12 hours before me and quite. Starting Tuesday, I’m training my replacement. Someone I had hoped they wouldn’t hire. I just don’t think you should show up to an interview, let alone work at a front desk anywhere, dressed as a hooker. Seriously, put the boobs away.

I will be happy to wear my dressy jeans again and my bat earrings. My lunchbox won’t catch funny looks from management and my nightmare bag won’t have to hide in shame under the desk. I really miss the VA and I’m happy that they continued to look out for me. I’m still tempted to play hooky one day this week to take my crew the cinnamon rolls I had planned on making the week I was let go. I know Chris won’t eat much sweets, but I know he likes it when his crew is looked after. They are still my crew in a way. That won’t change. They gave me so much and I wasn’t about to let the zombie home drain that away.

But it’s after midnight and I need to try and sleep. Tomorrow is the last day I have to write instructions and finish off things for Nancy boo so she has written instructions.