Monday, January 24, 2011

5 day count down

So, Gypsy has a new job and starts next Monday. This means I’m in the 5 day count down at what’s been dubbed the Zombie Holding Area. I am hoping I can make it through these last 5 days. Mentally, it might take its toll on me, more than it already has. As word has spread amongst staff and the residents, they are both sad and relieved that I am getting out of there. My favorite comment that I’ve heard multiple times now, is that I’m too good for the place. Everyone but management has seen the life be drained from me the past 6 weeks. Yes! I’ve been counting!

I’m now faced with my sinuses causing insane amounts of grief for me. I’ve been in and out of work both sick and because I’ve taken mental health days. On top of things, I’ve trained a ding bat. Thankfully not my replacement… but the women who had my job for 12 hours before me and quite. Starting Tuesday, I’m training my replacement. Someone I had hoped they wouldn’t hire. I just don’t think you should show up to an interview, let alone work at a front desk anywhere, dressed as a hooker. Seriously, put the boobs away.

I will be happy to wear my dressy jeans again and my bat earrings. My lunchbox won’t catch funny looks from management and my nightmare bag won’t have to hide in shame under the desk. I really miss the VA and I’m happy that they continued to look out for me. I’m still tempted to play hooky one day this week to take my crew the cinnamon rolls I had planned on making the week I was let go. I know Chris won’t eat much sweets, but I know he likes it when his crew is looked after. They are still my crew in a way. That won’t change. They gave me so much and I wasn’t about to let the zombie home drain that away.

But it’s after midnight and I need to try and sleep. Tomorrow is the last day I have to write instructions and finish off things for Nancy boo so she has written instructions.