Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad as a Hatter

So gypsy has been busy. Life has thrown a lot of curve balls recently. I’m thankful I’ve had Shadow with me and my Irish Twinkie. There have been a few mornings where getting out of bed was a struggle. Yet even when I felt my worst, I could feel my sewing calling for me. So I’ve spent a fair chunk of this weekend in my borrowed studio. I’ve started dolls again and finally finished mine and my mom’s Christmas aprons. I cut another for a friend today along with one I plan on selling. 3 dolls have been cut and I have 2 more still to do. My second attempt at Alice is still sitting without a face. I think she may be painted with one eye closed now.

As therapeutic as it is to be working at my trade again, it also gives me far too much time to think. So I’ve had to have some kind of music going while I work.

New job was going great until I was pulled into the office last Friday. Some icky things were said by the boss lady and I was made to feel like a liar. It really crushed me. My crew had started spreading rumors the 2 days I had to call in I think, because somehow everyone thinks I’m out interviewing and not happy with the job. I love the job, but my mind hasn’t been where it should be. I really didn’t realize I was so far gone mentally until something was said either. That concerns me. I don’t like being that distracted. This whole thing has made me wish I were more of a dedicated artist. Sometimes, I feel like Burton’s Mad Hatter. That reminds me I had wanted to buy his nifty pin cushion ring.

The next set of dolls will be Miss Kitty, Raijin and Sheria (who will not be for sale), the commission for my cousin, and the 11th Doctor. Alice will also be finished and i am toying with digging Yusuki from her body bag in the fabric stash. I am tempted to sell her as is and hope someone else can salvage her, but I’m also tempted to give her another look since it’s been a few months since her leg shattered and the sealant incident. We will see how the week goes.

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  1. *huggs*

    & burton? surely you mean lewis carroll's mad hatter, presuming you ARE talking about alice in wonderland? shame on you! tut-tut! *giggle*