Friday, July 1, 2011

A quote from Uncle Walt

“A lot of people put more hard work into their hobbies than they do into their bread-and-butter occupations. That’s because the hobbies are jobs they really love to do. A person ought to feel the same about the way he earns his living. Your work ought to be something you’d want to do if you didn’t get a penny for doing it.

“Every now and then you read in the papers about some many who couldn’t get a job and put all his time on his hobby. By doing the best work possible on a task which interested him, he eventually found he had created something other people were willing to pay him for doing. Which shows what John Ruskin meant when he wrote “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - Walt Disney

So for those that don't know, I am a bit of a Disney nut. Not just in the company as a whole, but in Walt himself. I stumble upon things like this every now and then that make me stop and smile because the words hit close to home. Recently, I had realized that my happiest times where when I was devoted solely to my craft. It's been a year since I officially opened up shop on Etsy. The first few months of last year, when I was out of work, those creepy dolls helped save my sanity and confidence. I felt like I wasn't wasting that hard earned degree, even if I wasn't doing animation.

A lot of people don't know that I never really learned how to paint in school. I had one basic class and we only did 2 days of painting in that class the whole semester. Acrylic wasn't a medium they taught either. I taught myself acrylic. I love how the colors flowed and how easy it was to mix them. They also cleaned up easy. Much trial and error has helped me developed a technique that works best for me. This is also true with my sewing. My mom showed me once how to use the machine, but pattern piecing and design was something I taught myself. I know there are many things I don't do the 'right' way, I chalk it up to being an animator and animators tend to do things there own way.

My point! To hell with rules when it comes to your passion!!! If it works for you, who's to say it's wrong for not being as the book says? I believe people should craft from the heart. Your love will show when you do.

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