Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, I'm back in the sewing room today, in my favorite apron and covered in flesh colored paint. With issues with work, friends and various other things in my life, my hands have also started to crap out on me again. I've had carpel tunnel surgery before and really don't want to do it again if it only means 6 months of maybe being pain free.

It's the worst thing in the world to be an artist and not be able to use your hands. It's why I don't do colored pencil work anymore because it takes weeks to do even a simple piece to my standards. The dolls where a safe thing, or so I thought. You forget about the picking up of needles, scissors and hell, even holding a paint brush. I feel like the cosmos are against me at the moment for this craft fair. I want to do it, but the more things keep happening, I’m not sure if I really really want to anymore. It makes me sad.

BUT!!!I'm working on something exciting at the moment. I can't wait until she is closer to done. I'm also going to try something new with doll hair on these next 3. I hope I can have them mostly completed by tomorrow evening.

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