Sunday, September 4, 2011

New dolls!!!!

I finally finished the last few dolls in the group I was working on. After all the drama I have gone through recently, I just didn’t have it in me to sit down and work on my lovely little girls. I couldn’t even look at them. It was horrible. I hate being that depressed. BUT!!! They are all here now and looking for new homes! I proudly present...

 Miss Alice (blue) and Little Miss Suzy (pink)

 Little Loli

 Sweet Kitten, she is a test at an all cloth doll. Something I had toyed with doing but have since decided against.

Princess Serenity

I'm proud of most all of them. Serenity has swam in my head for a long time to do. I love Sailor Moon. I have the comics currently on preorder. I wanted to get her done before I received my first 2 books. Well... she's been done but she's proven a nightmare to photograph. Her dress is sparkly and it messed with the camera and without the flash she just looks peach, which she isn't.

Little Lotti was a surprise. When I was working on her, I didn't like her. She had problems from the get go and I was worried she'd be doomed to live in the fabric box next to Yuzuki. One day I will get the courage to finish my little demon doll.

Miss Alice was another one that had been sitting unfinished for awhile. Though not to the point of being banished to the box. I knew that I was thinking to hard when I painted her face the first 2 or 3 times. I was so pleased with her when she was finished, it inspired her little sister. Suzy was part inspired by Alice and part from a sketch I did at work. When I had started her, the sketch worked itself into the doll.

Kitten... I will make another one of her in my regular style. I really wish I had from the start. My mom keeps hounding me to make child safe dolls. This was my attempt and she still isn't child safe. She is one of those ones I've had in my mind since I bought the fabric, but when I made her here, it was to test the new pattern. I love my spindly little legs to much. Kitten is to chunky for my taste, but at least now I know.

All dolls featured here are up for adoption!

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