Sunday, September 11, 2011

What was the real reason for starting the creepy little dolls?

This question has come up a few times. Why do you insist on making the dolls look the way they do? Until recently, I really couldn’t give an answer. Or I could but I didn’t really want too. I’m a huge admirer of Lolita fashion. I never dreamed of wearing the beautiful frilly dresses because, well, I’m curvy. Lolitas are small delicate little things. I’m 5’ 8 ½” and have a few extra pounds. I’ve seen lolitas tear apart their fluffier sisters and I just couldn’t bear to deal with that. I have always been happy with myself even with the extra fluff. It frustrates me that even my parents, who I love, make a stink over me losing a few pounds. Honestly, I don’t try and I never notice when I do. I have always been happy with me. There where darker days when I was on the other end of the spectrum and I felt horrible. But that, is another post for another blog.

The dolls where started in this fashion because I had convinced myself I couldn’t wear these kinds of dresses. I love Lolita. It’s delicate, there are frills and lace and full skirts. I made sure those details made it into my little girls. Over the past year as I developed my style more, I got daring and made myself my first Lolita dress. It wasn’t perfect, just as my first doll Eleanor, but it was mine and to me, it was beautiful, just as Eleanor still is. I was even daring enough to wear it out to a midnight launch for the 3DS. I had a close friend with me that threatened to beat anyone down that laughed, but I still felt pretty.

 Sweet Eleanor, my first doll

If it wasn’t for these creepy little girls, I don’t think I’d of gotten the courage to make that first dress. Today, I ripped that dress apart in what I thought was a quick reworking of the bodice. What ended up happening was a 5 hour event that not only completely remade the bodice, but also ended up taking a half yard of fabric out of the skirt. Previously, I had loved this dress. It made me feel pretty. Last night when I tried it on, it was now so big, it wouldn’t fit right at all. The bow I had added to it to act as a belt was no help. This is a project I put off for a few months now. Today, it became a mass undertaking! Recently finishing Little Lotte, I knew I had wanted to redo the bodice in that style, well I just about recreated her dress in black for myself! It may still get a much softer ruffle for the bottom, but for now, I’m happy with it. 

 Not even close to a properly dressed Lolita here, but I had to show off my dress.

If I keep losing weight like I am, the remaining fabric I have from Little Lotte’s dress may go to making a pretty dress for me. ^_^ I know this is not the normal art post, but since Lolita inspired me to do this whole thing, I figured it be a good fit.

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