Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little JoJo

Meet JoJo. My first doll with fully (well they where before I glued things down! XD) removable clothes. She was made special for a very dear little friend.

I honestly don't have much to say about this one other then she is adorable and I wish i took better photos.

Pretty good considering I did the outfit with no pattern!

But this made everything worth it to me. Seeing my little girl get cuddled and loved. While I was talking with Mary Jo, she cuddled little JoJo the whole time and it really touched me. She's the type of person I hope all my dolls end up with.

The Goblin King

This one was inspired by a friend from work. Well, it was inspired from an on going joke from a work friend and I just found myself unable to resist.

He just kept swimming around in my head. I honestly couldn't get the idea out. I knew he was going to be different then what I've done before and I wanted to get it right. Other then a few issues with his hair, I'm in love with him.

The things the photos don't pick up is that his pants and vest are glittery. I held back on painting him with glitter because of the fabric. The hair was a something new. I learned a lot from it... like it would have been better to felt the roving down to his head instead of going nuts with the glue gun. I can also make dreads now!!! ^_^

Little Seito

Meet Little Seito. She was one of my christmas projects this year and one I had a very hard time parting with. I fell in love with her.

Not the best pictures, I was shaky this night, but I tried.

There are little details about her I adore, like her collar, her little bat bow and her striped stockings. Mostly though, the fabric is one I love. It's a halloween fabric I was given this year for my birthday. There are bats and moons and spiderweb type things on it.

She went to a very dear friend. Though I was very tempted to keep her. She so damn cute in person! I have just enough of the fabric to possible make another.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holidays

I've been busy crafting wonderful things. Have changed some things with the doll patter. I'm officially done with Christmas dolls as of tonight. Pictures to come after tomorrow because they will be in there new homes and i won't have to worry about spoiling surprises. :)

Still have aprons and tarot clothes to do, but those will be an after Christmas project. Another doll or 2 will be in there too. So stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Alice Dress

So... I never got around to posting my Alice in Wonderland costume. Things have been weird, but I'm absolutely in love with this dress. So much so in fact, I wore it to my work's holiday party on Friday. Nothing like Alice stealing a bottle of Baily's from someone!

this was taken in our medical records office

This dress was made from 3 patterns and was dubbed the frankindress early on. The skirt is from my first Alice pattern and I use it on all my jumpers. The top was originally done from the same pattern as the skirt until i got the whole thing together and remembered I HATED how the whole thing hanged on me. So, I took a pattern from my mom's stash and a blouse pattern I still haven't gotten around to making, and created something I'm very much in love with. NO ZIPPERS OR SHEERING ON THIS ONE!!!! The apron was made up as I went. I wanted an Alice: Madness Returns look. I think I did fairly well in getting it.

The shoes I had bought for other lolita outfits, but honestly, they where for this dress. I adore those mary janes!!!