Monday, November 12, 2012

Projects from October

An ankle injury in early October had me off my feet and rather depressed. So, I didn’t really do Halloween this year for myself like normal. I know, I know… that seems odd to not be sewing frills and lace and be watching the Monster High special while seam ripping through tears (kid you not. That was in the creation of 2011’s Alice dress)

No, this year, I fought to even do a commission an adopted mama asked me to do for her first born grandbaby. With me being forced to be off my feet, I spent my birthday weekend at my sewing machine sewing baby sleepers! You know how hard it is to not try and push the peddle to your sewing machine with your booted foot? Even with it propped up and packed in ice I was still attempting too!!! 

It still hurts my head to think I made a baby a soccer ball

This one was the favorite

 This did teach me to sew zippers finally though! And now that I know how to sew a sleeper for a baby, I’m planning on sewing one for myself down the road! Curvy girls should be snuggly warm too damn it!

Aside from baby clothes, I finally made the cover for Tallulah. Something I’ve put off but told myself I’d do once she was fully paid off.

Not only is there fairies, but it's sparkley too.

This blue fairie, Bess, is my favorite, but she's rare in the newer Tinker Bell stuff. I've held on to this fabric for about 4 or 5 years.

Not only does it have fairies, but it also has Rapunzel! It's reversible!!!

I’ve also started work on a new Monster High custom. This one is a male base. I’m using the vampire from the CAM pack for this one. I decided I was going to sculpt his hair out of paperclay and then have been using it to soften some of the features on the face. I’ve shied away from using the vampire base because he had some hard lines that just made him come off as being mean and scary. Filling those in with paperclay has softened his face considerable considering how little I’ve had to use to achieve the look so far. Heck! I’m just happy to be using the paperclay up finally! I’ve struggled with it before in attempts to use it! Since these the base doesn’t handle heat, this has worked great so far. I know the bigger test will come when I’m working on his hair.

Any guesses of who he will be? It rhythms with Marceline and he's from Adventure Time. :P

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Overdue Updates on projects and things

I'm behind!!! Horribly behind with my blog!!! So much has happened since my beach trip!
2 dolls found new homes. Miss Shy Violet is now on a cross country trek to join her sister Almost Alice! I have a collector in New York now! THAT ISN'T FAMILY!!! Violet has been with me for some time now and I was so excited to see that someone had bought her AND that it was a repeat customer. The second doll to find a home was a newer one. Claire has been in the works since about March when my mom found an very pretty Irish print fabric. So I was commissioned and Claire went to my grandma. I was very proud of her, but while looking at pictures of both Violet and Claire, I can see just how much my style has changed since I started Little Nightengale Designs 3 years ago.

Shy Violet

Claire, you can barely see her freckles sadly.
The same time I was working on Claire, I finished 2 other dolls to be posted to my shop. While I'm proud of both, one drove me nuts! Nothing seemed to go right with her! It fits though because she is my namesake. Nightengale was a character I created years ago. She is a bad as and apparently she is difficult as a child too. I was so happy when she was done! The second doll still really doesn't have a name, but I do LOVE how she turned out. She's so bright and cheery. the fabric was bought on a whim. ^_^ I love when it works like that!

Claire (red hair), No name currently (blonde), Nightengale (black hair)
The recent trip to the beach resulted in more fat quarters for my stash, my dream fabric for a skirt, and the most awesomest seam ripper ever! Not even kidding! It fits my hand wonderfully, is hand made and has pink in it. I adore it so much. I bought my mom a similar one. I actually had to make a special trip back to the fabric store because when I first found it, I held off on buying it, but I am so happy I went back for it.
There are new things in the works. If you follow me on bookface at all, you have caught a glimpse, but for those that don't, here's a sneak peak. More to come when she's finished. I'm currently waiting on hair.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updates are coming!

I promise this time! I have new dolls to post and a recent adventure to the beach that had me find many wonderful things, mostly all bought in doll lenghts! XD there was 2 very special purchases that i'm very excited to share as well.

Updates (or at least one) will be up by tonight!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Support Handmade

As many people know, or at least hope they do, all of my work is made with my own to hands... and my sewing machine Tallulah. I cherish handmade things. I set up shop on Etsy because they claimed to value handmade things and wanted to provide a marketplace for artists to sell their wares. Recently though, on several occasions, it has come to light that resellers have flooded Etsy. The most recent incident coming about that a reseller (claiming the products where her own made by her and 4 carpenters) made it into the seller spotlight. Etsy's response as in any case of anyone reporting a reseller? Silence the person reporting it by banning them.

On May 10, Little Nightengale Designs will go on vacation mode for 24 hours as part of a protest. We're not sure what will come of this, I may well loose my shop. That's all the more reason though to look elsewhere to set up a store front again.

For more info or if you'd like to join in, visit

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Alice Quilt and Hot Ribbon

I’ve had a few projects going. I’m still working on and off with my last 3 dolls. They are sitting waiting for me to finish painting their upper arms so that they can be dressed. 

My current project that I’ve been busting tail on though, is The Alice Quilt. A pattern my mommy bought me at The Road to California. 
Mad Tea Party quilt found here

It’s an applique, something that I haven’t had much luck with because I hate the look of the stitching around the pieces. I’m absolutely horrible at it. I’ve designed several patterns that I have destroyed when I’ve come to the stitching part. Well my friends, I found the answer for people that want clean, thick lines and no stitching. The answer is Hot Ribbon. I love this product. All you have to do is just iron it down and the edges of your pieces are secured. 

This is what I’ve got going on so far with it after a few design changes.

Full view of the start of the quilt. You can see the changes I've made to the pattern

The queen

Flamingo and falling Alice blocks

More of the falling Alice block. you can see how the Hot Ribbon outlines things nicely.

Another area I had changed

I love Ches, but I'm still hunting for eyes for him.

My Helpers Kittens approve!

I’ve been working on this for about 2 months now. I still have the Hatter and the teacup and pots to add. I think I will duplicate the tea party, minus the Hatter for the bottom, but I’ve also toyed with creating a March Hare to join the party to help balance the Hatter. 

This will all be combined with my squares from my original Alice Quilt. It looks less daunting when I combine the small bit I have pieced with this current project. Hopefully when I move I will have my own quilt for my new bed!

Most importantly, I BOUGHT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! It's not a hand-me-down or anything either!

Husqvarna 140th anniversary Tribute