Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Alice Quilt and Hot Ribbon

I’ve had a few projects going. I’m still working on and off with my last 3 dolls. They are sitting waiting for me to finish painting their upper arms so that they can be dressed. 

My current project that I’ve been busting tail on though, is The Alice Quilt. A pattern my mommy bought me at The Road to California. 
Mad Tea Party quilt found here

It’s an applique, something that I haven’t had much luck with because I hate the look of the stitching around the pieces. I’m absolutely horrible at it. I’ve designed several patterns that I have destroyed when I’ve come to the stitching part. Well my friends, I found the answer for people that want clean, thick lines and no stitching. The answer is Hot Ribbon. I love this product. All you have to do is just iron it down and the edges of your pieces are secured. 

This is what I’ve got going on so far with it after a few design changes.

Full view of the start of the quilt. You can see the changes I've made to the pattern

The queen

Flamingo and falling Alice blocks

More of the falling Alice block. you can see how the Hot Ribbon outlines things nicely.

Another area I had changed

I love Ches, but I'm still hunting for eyes for him.

My Helpers Kittens approve!

I’ve been working on this for about 2 months now. I still have the Hatter and the teacup and pots to add. I think I will duplicate the tea party, minus the Hatter for the bottom, but I’ve also toyed with creating a March Hare to join the party to help balance the Hatter. 

This will all be combined with my squares from my original Alice Quilt. It looks less daunting when I combine the small bit I have pieced with this current project. Hopefully when I move I will have my own quilt for my new bed!

Most importantly, I BOUGHT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! It's not a hand-me-down or anything either!

Husqvarna 140th anniversary Tribute

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