Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Support Handmade

As many people know, or at least hope they do, all of my work is made with my own to hands... and my sewing machine Tallulah. I cherish handmade things. I set up shop on Etsy because they claimed to value handmade things and wanted to provide a marketplace for artists to sell their wares. Recently though, on several occasions, it has come to light that resellers have flooded Etsy. The most recent incident coming about that a reseller (claiming the products where her own made by her and 4 carpenters) made it into the seller spotlight. Etsy's response as in any case of anyone reporting a reseller? Silence the person reporting it by banning them.

On May 10, Little Nightengale Designs will go on vacation mode for 24 hours as part of a protest. We're not sure what will come of this, I may well loose my shop. That's all the more reason though to look elsewhere to set up a store front again.

For more info or if you'd like to join in, visit http://www.protesty.com/index.php

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