Monday, November 12, 2012

Projects from October

An ankle injury in early October had me off my feet and rather depressed. So, I didn’t really do Halloween this year for myself like normal. I know, I know… that seems odd to not be sewing frills and lace and be watching the Monster High special while seam ripping through tears (kid you not. That was in the creation of 2011’s Alice dress)

No, this year, I fought to even do a commission an adopted mama asked me to do for her first born grandbaby. With me being forced to be off my feet, I spent my birthday weekend at my sewing machine sewing baby sleepers! You know how hard it is to not try and push the peddle to your sewing machine with your booted foot? Even with it propped up and packed in ice I was still attempting too!!! 

It still hurts my head to think I made a baby a soccer ball

This one was the favorite

 This did teach me to sew zippers finally though! And now that I know how to sew a sleeper for a baby, I’m planning on sewing one for myself down the road! Curvy girls should be snuggly warm too damn it!

Aside from baby clothes, I finally made the cover for Tallulah. Something I’ve put off but told myself I’d do once she was fully paid off.

Not only is there fairies, but it's sparkley too.

This blue fairie, Bess, is my favorite, but she's rare in the newer Tinker Bell stuff. I've held on to this fabric for about 4 or 5 years.

Not only does it have fairies, but it also has Rapunzel! It's reversible!!!

I’ve also started work on a new Monster High custom. This one is a male base. I’m using the vampire from the CAM pack for this one. I decided I was going to sculpt his hair out of paperclay and then have been using it to soften some of the features on the face. I’ve shied away from using the vampire base because he had some hard lines that just made him come off as being mean and scary. Filling those in with paperclay has softened his face considerable considering how little I’ve had to use to achieve the look so far. Heck! I’m just happy to be using the paperclay up finally! I’ve struggled with it before in attempts to use it! Since these the base doesn’t handle heat, this has worked great so far. I know the bigger test will come when I’m working on his hair.

Any guesses of who he will be? It rhythms with Marceline and he's from Adventure Time. :P

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