Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Survived the Holidays

It's not that I haven't been busy, because I have. Or that I haven't been crafty, because I have been more lately. After the onslaught of the holidays and family and now being sick AGAIN!!! I'm just now getting back to reality. So, some updates.
My beloved Sally doll was sold recently and will be going to a lovely collector of wonderfully offbeat things. While I'm sad to see her go but, I'm very happy to know she's going to a home where she will be appricated.
I've been making a lot of adult sized sleepers lately for myself. I can't help it! I love them! I'm all warm and cozy! After playing with the pattern I'm at a point where I can alter other aspects of it now. My next step will be to add footies to them and then a dropseat. While this pattern is fairly easy, once I make these modifactions I'd like to look at doing custom orders for people. I know there is a market for adults that want these types of jammies and what's out there doesn't always cator to people with more curves. When you do find one that will work, often the fabric is just... well it sucks.
My most recent pair, which is currently my favorite, is a nerdy Minnie Mouse print. My mom happened to find it and talked me out of a My Little Pony print. This one was much more me and to cute to pass up. Plus I got a killer deal on it. I plan on making myself one more pair in all black because over the holidays, my sister was calling me a cutsy Sith. Did I mention this pattern comes with a hood?! It's like the bestest thing ever!!! Since brown isn't one of my colors, it looks like I'll be on the Dark Side even though it goes against everything I believe. :P
Image from Joanns
Happy Crafting my friends. :)