Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another casulaty of TOS

Good night sweet princess. We will be harvesting our mass tomato crop soon.
 The other day I came to the conclusion that my 3D DS was the latest victim of my TOS. It was on of the things I'd held on to, 'played through the pain' on. I want my Harvest Moon damn it. I'm pregnant with Allen's baby and I'm harvesting 5 star crops. This is so uncool. At least I'm stopping before I drop her in the bathtub or on a hard floor. (thank god for insurance but the thought of all that lost data!!!)

These leaves my phone, kindle and most of the use of my Wii. For the most part the laptop and computer are doable as long as I wear my brace/glove. Still by the end of the day of work, I don't even want to bother with my laptop. My phone and kindle are borderline right now, but I'll fight to use them. It's just limited. My Wii I'm to scared of putting the remote through the tv. I've been playing a lot of Samurai Warriors because it requires the pro controller. It's thick enough and doesn't require me to hold on to it while flailing around.

I'm still going crazy though. 18 days to go. My work check list keeps growing and I'm about ready to scream. I've been thankful for the Doll. Without her, I'd have gone mad by now. I'm not getting support from my lead and I almost feel like this is payback for going above her when things weren't getting done. My PettiePet comes back tomorrow and I plan on having a heart to heart with her about the whole situation and my concerns for while I'm gone.

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