Thursday, September 19, 2013

Part one, Surgery Day

It's been a week today and I've been slow to do this post. It's been a bit of a rough week and things really haven't sunk in still. I'm going to try and not get to side tracked on this post. I'm warning now that I'm still on a lot of percacet and still in a lot of pain and not able to do much... or anything really :/

The adventure started at about 9:45 when we left for Seattle. I had to check in at 10:45 and I wanted to be early because things happen and traffic is unpredictable once you hit downtown. I brought my medical folder with me with directions and everything I'd been sent up until that point. I was told to check in at admitting, but when I got there, there was confusion. I wasn't even checked in yet and I was lost. After showing my the directions I'd been sent and about 20 minutes of the poor receptionist making phone calls between departments, things got sorted out and I was escorted to a room.

What had happened was that the nurse I'd done my per-registration interview with had set things up for me to be admitted into the hospital instead of going through day surgery. Normally, patients who are having TOS release go through day surgery and are then admitted after surgery for an over night stay. Because it was noted in my chart that I was a difficult patient and I'd also asked if it was ok to bring Korick along, she decided it would be helpful for me to know where I had a room. It was too. I knew I had a room to go back too. I could leave my things there instead of having Shadow and my mom cart them around and I could have a meltdown in private. I was really grateful for this because I was petrified to stay overnight at the hospital.

I had Shadow take this one after I'd changed. You can see how thrilled I am...

I was not in good shape. Because I'd been so stressed the weeks leading up to surgery with getting work settled and just trying to make it through every day things, my stomach had been horrible. I hadn't been eating much of anything for about 2 weeks except for coffee and crackers. I hadn't been sleeping on top of it. It was just not good. I really tried to eat the day before too, but my stomach wouldn't have it. Since I'd been admitted a bit backwards, there was blood work I had to do before hand which was not entered in the system for me to have done. Because of this, my 12:45 surgery start time was pushed back while labs where run. I'd not been eatting, I'd tried really hard to hydrate because I'm a hard stick and I was freaking out since my support team (Shadow and my mom) where having meltdowns of there own. By the time I was finally taken to the pre-op, I was sure I was going to die. I had a horrible migraine and hide under a pillow the whole time and was in tears begging for meds. I hate being medicated. It was bad, really bad.

The staff though, the nurses and doctors where wonderful considering I was in such bad shape. Dr. Johanson held my hand even and kept reminding me it was going to be better when this was all said and done. One of the nurses stayed with me until the anesthesia doctor came by to have me sign the last form and I was finally given something for the pain and nausea I was having. The staff kept telling me that despite the pain I was in, I had still been polite, but I honestly felt I hadn't been. I'm use to being chatty with medical people because I work in the field. Of course I was apologizing and chatting it up right until I was put under. That was the best 2 hours of sleep I'd had in about a month.

When I woke up in post op, I couldn't breath. I freaked out. Dr. Johanson rushed over and explained that some of the nerves that had run to the outside of my lungs had been within the bunch that had been crushed. my right arm was completely numbed during the surgery and I woke up with a pain pump in my shoulder. The first shot of morphine was given, but it was still hard to breath. Shot 2 was given and they started to wheel me back to my room.

I was bawling, still couldn't breath and in mass pain and confused. First words out of my mom's mouth are screaming I needed to eat. Shadow was laughing about morphine. Mom kept insisting I needed to eat and I finally yelled at her that I was far more concerned about being able to breath and for the pain to stop in my chest then about eating. Shot number 3 was given and the wonderful nurse brought me a cup of crushed ice. Shadow sat by me and tried to spoon feed me ice. That ice was amazing, I was horrible dehydrated by this point and it was nearly 6pm now. I was still hearing mom pushing food. I was grateful for Shadow at this point because he gave me the calm energy I needed right then to focus on.

To shut mom up, I had Shadow call in an order for mash potatoes and mushroom gravy. When it got to the room it sat there because I was bent on eating every last bit of that ice. Somewhere in there my dad had showed up, mom was still screaming about eating. Dad calmed her down finally and got her off my back finally. I finally got around to eating and even though they where fake potatoes, that gravy was amazing. Shadow ordered me applesauce at my dad's suggestion for later. People started leaving then. It was about 8pm. Shot 4 was given with my first 2 percacets. I was mostly comfortable at this point... but I did not sleep at all. It wasn't because people where in and out of my room, I just couldn't get comfy.

Taken at 3am about. You can tell one the right side of my face is really swollen. This is all from the nerves that had been crushed.
I hadn't realized just how many nerves had been affected. Dr. Johanson explained the next morning that a lot more had been pinned by the muscle then originally thought. There's a high chance that my asthma attacks, at least a good chunk, have been because of the crushed nerves. My throat swelling closed every now and then would also be from the nerves having those brief moments of getting released from the muscle. My migraines fall along the same track as the swelling. Over 10 years of pain and random conditions that no one could give me a straight answer on. One muscle was the cause of so many problems. I still  have no idea what I would have done if not for The Doll pushing me to see this doctor.

Let's call this part one. Next will be life at home. Hopefully, not as huge a thing to read.

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