Thursday, September 26, 2013

Post Op Follow Up

Yesterday was my follow up. It was really hard to keep calm, but thankfully Shadow came with me so that was a huge help. It was kind of cute because he asked the medical assistant if he could come back before I even asked.

I saw Dr. Johanson's PA (physicians assistant) who was really really cute! I mean REALLY cute. He was also closer to my age and had a very good energy. He was very calm and informative and gave me more info about what all was done.

I was honest with him, even though before that I was petrified about a pain questionnaire I'd filled out. I felt like I was being a baby and over exaggerating. I went over everything with him because I knew Shadow would flick my nose if I didn't. The PA said that everything I was experiencing was perfectly normal. He said I needed to stay on the percaset and not be so scared to take it when I needed. He really put me at ease about it. I've been having a hard time sleeping because of pain in my shoulder blade as well as not being able to sleep on my sides because of pain and feeling like things where being pulled on. I also asked him about when I can wear a bra again and he just laughed and said it would be a few more weeks. I'm really not ok going back to work without that key piece of clothing. Though the look on Shadow's face was priceless.

He asked to see my incision sites next. This was another concern because I have one area that wasn't closing and was oozing. I know, nasty, but I was really concerned because I've never had anything do that before. The cut along my neck has healed enough that I really don't need to keep it covered, but the oozing one.... yeah, no way. So while he's looking at the site after peeling off the massive waterproof medical grade band-aid i've had covering most of my shoulder, he says in the calmest manner possible that my body is rejecting the stitches in that area. This was the first I heard about having stitches at all. All that was there was glue. A LOT of glue. So as he was preparing things to close my wound, he explained that I actually have A LOT of stitches under all the glue. I have 2 layers of a lot of stitches which is why I've been feeling the pulling sensation when I move certain ways. They had to cut through other muscles to get to where the scalene muscle connects. One of them being my pectoral muscle. So, I know have those nifty waterproof medical tape things covering the area that wasn't closing.

Neck cut is mostly healed with my tiny little angle kiss of a bruise.

While the top part looks oogy, it's mostly the glue and minor bruising. The oozing part is about a half inch.

While he was patching me up, the PA also told me that I shouldn't be lifting anything over 5 pounds. Shadow started laughing but told him he'd make sure I stuck to it. When I asked why my weight limit was being further limited, he told me that because of the amount of damage to my nerves and how weak I am in my right arm now, 5 is my absolute limit until I see him again in November. I was also given a prescription to start physical therapy, but weight/strength training is out until November.

Shadow assured him he'd make sure I followed orders. So we left and I had my meltdown in the truck. Shadow was actually really supportive at that point in telling me I'd done really well and didn't have my usual attack in the office even with what had happened Friday the week before with my prescription.

I'm cleared to go back to work, but the PA was pushing for me to do half days. He wrote me a note saying that 8 hours are as tolerated for awhile. My therapy part I think I'll be doing close to work. A number of people have said they would feel better if I went that route because of me being on the meds still and with how exhausted I've been getting still being out and about. This way I'd be close to work and near people that can pick me up instead of me taking the bus through the bad part of Seattle alone.

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