Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's being made, even if it's been slow. I'm not having to rely on the pain meds so much now. Usually by the end of the work day I'm still shattered. I sleep as soon as I get home. I have lots of stretches to do that help the nerves come back and the massages at therapy have helped muscles relax for at least a little bit. I still am not able to turn my head fully or for very long without my throat swelling and my neck straining.

I was also told I could start doodling again, but for no more then 10 - 15 minutes a day and with a thick pencil. Small ones are still hard to grip. I bought a new sketchbook... kind of as a new start... but I've been to scared to put pencil to paper. I've had it since Thursday. I know it will hurt. I know that I will have to practice like mad to get back to where I was and I know my beloved colored pencils are still out of the question. I know it will still hurt, and that is the part that scares me. I'm really tired of being frustrated and being told no.

It is here and it is waiting for me to get the courage to try. I'm still not cleared for fabric though but I was told I can use it to help strengthen my grip. It's not to be working on exercises that I can see will get me somewhere.

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