Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good News!!!

Guess what!!!! I had my 2 month follow up today and was told I'd  improved 50% since I first saw Dr. Johanson in August!!!

I still have a lot of weakness in my hand and the pain is generally in my shoulder and neck area now. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I did a thing!!!

That's right!!! I made an attempt at a thing!!! I was fine too until I switched to my fine point pen to start inking. That was stupid and I knew better, BUT I DID A THING!!!

Luna promptly decided to put an end to my work. Little pain in the tail...

I'm at a point where I am noticing a lot of improvements. Typing no longer feels like I'm stabbing my hands. They do still go numb from time to time. Once in a while, and usually when I've done to much, everything will throb. I've been down to one oxy every few days. Though since Sunday I've had to do at least 1 a day. I'm ok with that though. We've hit a cold snap and I think that might be what's caused things to act up. It's mostly been in my shoulder too and not my hand.

There was the hard talk while in physical therapy the other day that I will not be doing any weight training to regain strength. Everything will be for pain management. That was a bit of a let down but, I'm seeing how therapy has helped keep me at a functioning level. It's been a week since my last appointment and I'm feeling it. Usually, the longest I've gone between appointments is 4 days. Due to scheduling issues, I was only able to get in one day this week. Oh well... now I know it is helping though!