Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surviving the Holidays

Hi guys. I know it's been a little bit since my last update.

I managed to do Thanksgiving dinner with getting help with anything that involved cutting. Other then that, I was able to do the whole meal on my own. I didn't really have any issues until I started to relax, then everything started to hurt and bad. It got worse in the following weeks because I was only able to get in with my physical therapist once a week.

Word to the wise: DON'T DO THAT!!!

It took another 2 weeks to get back to feeling normal again and only after she used athletic tape to hold things in place to either stop them from moving (along my neck and shoulder) or move things closer to where they should be. We found out my right shoulder blade is lower then my left. The left is still over working and I have muscles that tense up when the other arm moves. I'm a hot mess.

But... This is my third round of being taped together. I haven't had to take a pain pill in almost a week. I like that because that is about where I was before Thanksgiving. Being taped together has really helped me stop over using certain muscles and we're getting closer to a point where we can start strengthening things. I've been trying to scribble daily but there are times it's still hard to hold my pencils or pens.

It is improving though, just very slowly. I was told to not do Christmas dinner and advised against making candy this year. I still made candy though... I just enlisted the help of a friend. Wrapping took an insane amount of time this year, but my packages still looked amazing. :) Christmas dinner I had to give up since Thanksgiving nearly killed me. That was hard. I love to cook big dinners like that and was really excited to do prime rib. Like everyone has said, there is next year.

With how things are going, there is a very high probability I'll be celebrating new years taped together! I'm ok with that... at least the tape is black! :P

But honestly if you asked me how I felt about it about a week ago, I would have bawled. I was MORTIFIED I was being taped together. My posture has improved though and the pain is almost gone. :) I'll try and do a Christmas haul post. I did get some cool art related things... but one of them must be exchanged. So expect that before the new year!