Monday, January 20, 2014

An overdue update

Still doing physical therapy. Still have days with a lot of pain. Lately it's had me feeling really down because it seems to have increased. Today while I was in though, she asked if the pain was in my hand, which it hadn't been for a couple days. In fact, it been about a week since it was in my hand. She was excited by this because it's a sign that the damage is healing and is now more generalized into the weakened muscles in my shoulder/neck/back area and not so bad to where it's running into my hands.

I hadn't even noticed either. For a week now I've been able to hold my 3ds and play for extended periods. the weekend before last I was able to sew. Not for very long before my back started to bother me a great deal, but I was able too and holding fabric wasn't that hard. My hand writing has improved and I can now write with my curls again and more of them. Stick pens are still a struggle though, but I've found ways around that. :)

Why hello my beloved... how I've missed you...

But... I've had to do a great deal of work to fix my posture. That's something I'd never realized just how bad it was until I was forced into a more normal posture. I have curves where I shouldn't and my lower back curves in way to much. I've been taped on my back to and shoulders and neck to train muscles to be closer to where they need to be while we work on strengthening them. It makes sitting at my desk for even 7 hours extremely hard. Last week she noticed that my left shoulder blade is way out of whack from over compensating for so many years so the focus has shifted to getting that one closer to where it should be. We also discovered I'm allergic to some adhesives which kind of worked out for the best because now we use the stronger tape.

Granted... I feel like I'm just pieced together. Lately the pain has been wearing on me a lot. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. I sleep just about any chance I get. All in all, 4 months and I'm slowly getting there.