Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I'm long overdue for an update here. Sorry guys. Still recovering. Having far more good days now though. :) I had one really bad pain day last week but it was the first in awhile. It was bad enough I considered going home. I just couldn't function even with pain meds.

But! Aside from that, I was finally able to finish something...

 The Alice Quilt is finally finished.

I don't think anyone will truly understand what this project means to me. It was the last thing I was working on when my arm got bad. Ever now and then I would pull it out and try to work more on it, but scissors where hard until the last few months. Holding my smaller iron for the hot ribbon, being hunched over the thing while I applied it, those where things that until recently I couldn't do without great discomfort, pain or difficulty getting my hand to do what it was suppose to do. There where pieces that had to be patched, characters I created from scratch (the Hare, Butterfly and hookah are all my own work :) ) and many seams ripped in frustration. This poor thing has been toted around, rolled up, thrown in corners, slept on by my cats and sobbed over. This has been 2 years in the making and there is so much emotion in it that I can't part with it. The Hare was almost the death of me at one point. He haunted my dreams O_O

In it's completion, it's made me see how much I love crafting in this medium. I love fabric and the textures. I've started sketching (yes! sketching! my sketchbook is my constant companion again!) ideas for new wall hangings. I have one that's been kicked around in my head for years FINALLY figured out and am drafting the pattern now. I have others I've pulled fabric for. Much smaller pieces then The Alice Quilt though. This thing can fit a bed. It's huge.

Expect more things, maybe slowly for awhile still, but the flood gates have been opened!