Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pinkie Pie

This was the first year in about 2 that I've been able to do a costume for Halloween. I started the plans for this last year after surgery, thinking I'd do something big then. That didn't work out last year, so this kept swimming in my head. When I'd finally sat down and started pulling fabric, I found I had everything. Hurray for no crazy frenzied fabric store runs!!!

Pinkie included a lot of things I haven't been able to do. I made bias tape myself I layered and pleated and finished seams. I made patterns from scratch. No joke! The blouse might be the only thing that came from a pattern. I know have my own custom jumper skirt pattern!!! :D

From the start, I knew I didn't want any black in this outfit. That was a challenge on it's own. This caused the dress to be dubbed The Pink Monster.

So much damn pink.... I've never worn so much pink in my life... ever....

The weekend before my birthday, I tore the whole dress apart and finally broke out my dress form. Dot really saved me. I wasn't happy about having to set her up because I'd promised to wait until I was moved, but I was desperate. Once I had her out, I immediately saw why the dress wasn't fitting right, tore it apart and in about 30 minutes, had everything perfect.

That weekend, between my outfit and Shadow's, I worked about 24 hours. It felt fantastic... except for the moment with Shadow's Jedi robe where I pulled the pattern out of the packet. It was late on Saturday night. The pieces where huge and there was yards and yards and yards of brown fabric around me. I sat in the middle of the living room and sobbed. His took 2 hours to cut out, but less then an hour to sew.

I took this at 1am. I hadn't finished hemming it but I was so excited to have something so huge done. In fact... there where several times I just danced around in the cloak. It's far to long for me, but it's fantastic.

I found this adorable bronze looking cherry blossom button in my stash. It was a small touch that we both enjoyed.

What you don't see is that he's got a black tunic top under that cloak. He's already planning for a second one. A black one of course out of thicker fabric.... which means I'll be dancing in this one. I might have to make myself my own one. I think I can alter this pattern to make a fitted coat for myself.

I don't know. I was so proud of this thing. It ended up being so simple.

But... back to Pinkie....

There was a lot of makeup. A lot of blush and pink and even yellow eye shadow. My ears are from Yaya Han and my wig is from That was scary because it came from over seas and almost wasn't here in time. I had people at work that didn't recognize me. My favorite was one of my doctors who stopped after passing me in the hall and did a double take. I even got to play Pinkie Pie to a couple of little girls that came through our office and where scared by the sea witch that was down the hall. It was the bestest ever... except now everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't be in healthcare.

Regardless, this was something my heart needed to know that I've healed enough to do more then I was able to before. I've already started another project and am looking for fabric for another dress... one much less pink.... omg the pink... This was so out of my norm. It was fantastic. There will be more my friends.