The Dolls

I’ve always loved dolls, most specifically, cloth floppy ones. I think it stems from my love for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a movie deemed too scary for me when I was little, but when I did finally get to see it, I fell in love with Sally. She is also what drew me to the work of Tim Burton. How he creates such spindly characters drove me nuts for years because I wanted to created dolls that way. Though I tried using other people’s patterns, there was nothing I could do to them to create what was in my head. Until I discovered Jennybird in an issue of Doll Art Quarterly. Her wonderfully morbid dolls where what I had been waiting for. After much trial and error, I created a way to make my own sweet little Lolita girls.

The patterns I use for my work are of my own creation and unless otherwise noted, dolls are a mix of sculpy, cotton, acrylic paint and various findings. Some of my pieces have a story behind the fabric from travels from myself or others who thought of me while out exploring. Every piece is made with much love and even when I’m at a point where I don’t love it so much, I will put them away for a while and come back to them with a clear head. My dolls sit well on shelves, chairs, beds or held up in a stand, but they are not meant for little hands. Though I’m sure they would enjoy the occasional tea party.