Why Little Nightengale?

One of my favorite fairy tails is the story The Nightingale. I had used the name for a character monay years ago and it become one of my pin names. Though i've long since retired from online role playing, the character and the name just stuck with me.

But did you know you spelled nightingale wrong?

Yes. I'm aware. It was a happy accident that stuck.

Do you take custome orders for dolls?

Currently, no. I'm still working on finding the balance between my real job and my art. My hope is to start doing them again, but when i do it will only be a few at a time. Check my facebook and shop for updates!

My daughter is in love with your doll, are they safe for her to play with?

My dolls are ment to be display pieces, but the occasional tea party would do them some good. They are not made for rough play and do have small parts and breakable bits. I generally don't recommend them for small hands.